Aaron Rodgers: No big push from any of us to sign Clay Matthews

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was one of three Packers players to post pictures of former teammate Clay Matthews to social media last weekend and he adorned his with “BRING HIM BACK” in an apparent message to the team.

Wide receiver Randall Cobb and left tackle David Bakhtiari were the others to join in the fun. On Wednesday, Rodgers explained what led to the posts and said that there hasn’t been a major push from anyone to get the team to bring back the pass rusher.

“Friday night, I was with Dave and his lovely fiancee, Frankie, and the Cobbs. And we had a question about Clay that came up, because Clay just moved from California. So we got Clay on FaceTime,” Rodgers said, via Zach Kruse of USAToday.com. “Those conversations turned into a social media post. There hasn’t been, I don’t think, a big push from any of us to sign him. We didn’t even talk ball. We were just BS-ing with him. Having a good conversation. He’s a big farmer now, kind of like Jordy. He’s probably got that strength to play but I don’t think he’s thought about football for a while.”

Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst said last Sunday that there’s been no discussion of re-signing Matthews, who left the Packers after 2018 and has been out of the league since playing the 2019 season for the Rams.