Frank Reich: Carson Wentz “very antsy” to push rehab forward

There’s been plenty of optimism about the pace of Colts quarterback Carson Wentz‘s recovery from foot surgery, but things aren’t progressing as quickly as Wentz would like.

That was the message from Colts head coach Frank Reich when he spoke to reporters after Wednesday’s practice. Reich said that Wentz has been “doing a good job” of remaining mentally focused on what’s going on at practice, but that he’s itching to do more physically to push the rehab process along.

“He’s getting very antsy. Very antsy,” Reich said, via the team’s website. “He’s wanting to push the envelope, as I would expect. But he’s gotta be patient and just stay focused on the mental side of it right now and we gotta let things take their course. But at the same time, there’s a time to push things and we’ll keep doing that as it’s appropriate.”

Reich made it clear that pushing things now would be “too soon, too fast” for the team’s liking and Wentz will have to continue to wait for a chance to let things rip on the field even though his eyes are on playing sooner rather than later.